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Nota Cemerlang Sejarah T5


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  1. love all these notes. will there be notes for other subjects as well? I have my mid term next week so it will be very useful for me. Thanks!

  2. perfect 100% yang masuk……..

  3. It’s really nice,tq

  4. The tips are so accurate and useful… never regret for introducing my friends to always log on to the website… Is it possible to show some questions on the topic or tips given? Thanks and grateful for all…

  5. i wan bio mid term tips please..it will surely help me alot…thanks..

  6. i want biology mid term tips also….

  7. Thx alot for the tips and it was very helpful.

  8. i want more ekonomi asas and akaun tips…thanks a lot…

  9. hey.,frst of all thanx fr d tips
    but.,do u have any tips for chemistry and accounts?

  10. Thanks alot for the tips well im looking forward on chemistry ,and acca

  11. thank you fr the bio n physics tips…chemistry tips is coming soon right? pleaseee

  12. Hey thanks a bunch! Professor Andrew Choo! :D
    You helped me alot in my Mid Term! Gonna need alot of your help in SPM (:

  13. hello..thanks for the tips..but do you have ekonomi asas tips for 2010 mid term SPM??? i really need it…..and also prinsip perakaunan…thanks again..^_^

  14. Thanks so much mr. andrew! you have been of great help. keep em’ coming :)

  15. Thank you very much.
    The tips are of great help..=)
    Can u also pls post up accounts, physics paper 3 and chemistry paper 3 tips too?
    It’ll be even better..=D
    Hope to see it soon!

  16. I hope mr andrew choo can help me by proviiding analysis of spm sejarah papers..

  17. The tips are brilliant!!
    Can u also pls post up accounts, physics paper 3 and chemistry paper 3 tips too?
    It’ll be even better..=D
    Thanks lot XD

  18. love all these notes……
    i hope mr andrew choo help me by providing analysis of spm english papers

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